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Family and The Early Years

Doug Kilchenman was born in New Philadelphia, Ohio in 1970 and grew up in the area, graduating from New Philadelphia High School in 1988.  He attended the University of Akron, graduated in 1992 with an accounting degree, and immediately began working for Charles Schwab in Richfield, Ohio.  Doug has been married to his beloved wife Melanie for 19 years who first invited him to the First Baptist Church of New Philadelphia in 1994.  Doug and Melanie have four children – two daughters, Hannah (15 years) and Sophia (11 years), and two sons, Luke (18 years) and Levi (9 years).


When he was 25 years old, Doug repented of his rebellion against God, believed the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and was born again.  He trusted the Lord Jesus Christ by faith for salvation on January 7, 1996 in the afternoon following a Sunday morning church service conducted at the First Baptist Church of New Philadelphia, Ohio under the preaching of Pastor Mark Trotter. On Tuesday, January 9th (two days later), he began 1 on 1 personal Discipleship.  Shortly thereafter he was baptized by immersion and joined the First Baptist Church. After working in the financial services and retirement industry for over 20 years, he withdrew from his position as Managing Director at Charles Schwab in 2013 to enter into full-time vocational ministry. Doug believes he is a common man and nothing more than a wretched sinner who has been saved by God’s grace.  His life passion is to bring God the most glory by leading sinners to the cross of the Savior who died for them and then teaching them the Bible so that they can fear and obey God and go out into the world and do the same.  

Ministry Training

Doug completed a four year curriculum at the Jackson Bible Institute and School of Ministry which included in-depth theological and biblical training as well as a variety of practical, detailed ministerial instructions from experienced pastors and Bible teachers. He was licensed to preach the gospel and teach the Bible on June 2, 2013. He was officially ordained a Baptist minister of the Gospel on August 25th, 2013 during a public service at the First Baptist Church of Jackson.

Church Ministry

Before becoming a pastor, Doug served faithfully in his local church at New Philadelphia and then Jackson Township.  He was a junior high school ministry leader and teacher, a director of the singles ministry, and taught numerous adult elective classes on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for many years. He has led various ministries and written a variety of Bible study curriculum and courses in use today in likeminded churches.


Doug has participated in 9 overseas mission trips (lasting from one to two weeks at a time) and has personally trained and led missions teams in the U.S. and abroad.
 Partnership in MissionsPhilippines Preaching

Ministry Today

Doug is a preacher, Bible teacher, and biblical counselor. Doug preaches at camp meetings and at churches in the U.S and abroad.  Doug is the founding Pastor of the Bible Baptist Church of Dover.